Two thieving baggage handlers arrested at Manila airport

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New Security Measures at NAIA Catch 2 Baggage Handlers Stealing – The Modus Continues

Two baggage handlers have been sacked after a new security firm hired by airline companies at Manila Airport found the pair stealing incoming luggage at night.

Avomsi Secuirty said it has achieved a ‘zero-pilferage’ rate by installing mobile phone cameras which has shed light on various pieces of luggage that is either damaged or has been offloaded or set aside by an individual.


The security firm said that one airline in particular said they were experiencing theft almost every day at NAIA – that company now has zero pilferage due to the new security firms implemented plans.

A spokesperson for Avomsi said that a ‘nighttime’ modus was behind the large scale theft that was going on at NAIA.

The company now will implement new security passes to prevent cargo loaders from ‘moonlighting’ with other airlines at NAIA.


Avomsi said that some of the workers at NAIA actually volunteer their services to airline companies, mostly at night. The company has ended the service of volunteers as they are said to be the ones who assisted the modus to steal on a daily basis.

The two baggage handlers who were recently caught were stealing a high-end mobile phone and wallet containing cash in a foreign currency which amounted to approximately P10,000. The luggage belonged to a Filipino who had arrived from China.

The two cargo loaders have since been fired but no criminal charges were filed against them – the phone and the cash were returned to their owner.