Two rookie cops arrested in Angeles City for extorting American

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Two Rookie Cops Arrested in Angeles City Extorting an American National Tourist –

Two rookie police officers were arrested during an entrapment operation on Thursday for extorting 115,000 pesos from an American.

Chief Superintendent Ronald Santos has ordered the dismissal of 25-year-old Hebren Sicat and 34-year-old Ryan Villanueva, both assigned to Police Station #4 in Angeles City.


An investigation into the incident shows that 73-year-old George Colvin of Josefa Subdivision, Malabanias, met a young lady on Fields Avenue on February 20. The two exchanged cellphone numbers and the next day the girl asked him to take her to dinner.

That night, the two met and had dinner near Police Station #4. After eating they went to Mr Golvin’s apartment but did not have sex.

The two decided to go for a walk and at this time the two officers dragged Mr Colvin into a car and told him that the mother of the girl was at the police station filing complaints against him as she was a minor.


The complaint filed by Mr Colvin said the two police officers asked for 250,000s peso to settle the case. Mr Colvin was only able to produce 25,000 pesos at that time, which he gave to the suspects.

The two cops then contacted the suspect on February 26 asking for an additional 50,000 pesos – and another 40,000 pesos on March 3.

Colvin, who was weary of the ongoing extortion attempts, asked the help of a friend who knew retired Colonel Neupito Gutierrez, a former city police directer of Angeles City.

Together they sought the assistance of the city government and police who set-up an entrapment operation against the two police officers.

Of course, and without question, the two police officers once again notified the American asking this time for 60,000 pesos – the two were arrested after the meeting and are awaiting formal charges for their part in the extortion crime.