Two Chinese diplomats shot dead, third wounded in Cebu City

Lighthouse Restaurant Cebu City
Lighthouse Restaurant, Cebu – Photo –

Two Chinese diplomats were shot dead in a gun attack at a restaurant in Cebu City on Wednesday.

Killed were the Deputy Consul Sun Shan and the consulate finance officer. Wounded was Counsel General Son Ronghua. His present condition is unknown with conflicting reports coming in at this time.


Two Chinese people were arrested after the attack, one of whom is the husband of a diplomat at the consulate.

The second was a woman who also worked at the embassy – police say they have retrieved a semi-automatic .45 calibre Colt pistol from the scene of the crime.

The attacked occurred at 1.30pm at Lighthouse Restaurant along Maxilim in Cebu City. 


Waitresses at the restaurant said an argument broke out among nine Chinese who were celebrating a birthday party at the restaurant. They did not see the incident as the party was held in a private room.

A waitress at the restaurant was quoted as saying: “They ordered a lot of food, but no liquor.”

“A clip of the restaurant’s CCTV footage shows the shooter in a striped blue shirt approach the female victim, Hui Li, from behind and firing,” the Cebu Daily News website said.

A spokeswoman for the Chinese Embassy in Manila said she could not comment on the situation.

The only other information available at press-time was the name of the women arrested – she is Li Qing Ling, an employee of the Embassy consulate in Cebu – her and the man figured in the shooting are both employees of the Chinese Consulate in Cebu.

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