Turkish man in Makati road rage video is re-arrested and faces deportation

Ibrahim Yuksel pictured following his arrest last week on assault charges. He has now been arrested again for overstaying his visa and working without a permit.

A Turkish man who featured in a viral road rage video in Manila has been arrested again — this time by the Bureau of Immigration.

Makati Police Chief Rogelio Simon said that Ibrahim Yuksel was arrested by the BI today (Friday, November 30) for overstaying his visa and working without a permit. 

Last week the 24-year-old posted an 18,000 peso bail in connection with the direct assault charges filed against him by traffic enforcer Michael Orcino.

A week ago, on Friday, November 23, Yuksel was seen shouting at and pushing the traffic enforcer. Orcino had claimed Yuksel’s vehicle bumped into him, prompting him to call the foreigner out. Orcino added that Yuksel even told him, “I will kill you”. Police arrived at the scene and arrested Yuksel.

Since then, BI Commissioner Jaime Morente has ordered a “verification and investigation operation” against Yuksel for overstaying and working without proper permit/visa or other violations of the Philippine Immigration Act.

The same mission order, issued last Sunday, also stated that Turkish national will be detained on warrantless arrest if probable cause was found against him. 

BI Intelligence Division Chief Fortunato Manahan said:  “We immediately conducted an investigation on his status once we received information about the incident.

“We found out that he is already overstaying, and his blatant disregard for the law and disrespect for law enforcers show that he is an undesirable alien.” 

Yuksel is now being held at the BI’s detention centre in Bicutan, Taguig, pending deportation proceedings against him.

Commissioner Jaime Morente has reiterated his warning against “illegal and undesirable aliens” in the Philippines.

“Respect our laws, and respect our law enforcers. We will not tolerate this behaviour. His actions show that he is a risk to public safety, and must be deported,” he said.

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