Truck driver involved in collision in Pasig surrenders

Pasig City police have arrested the driver of the truck that collided with the car in the C5 flyover that killed 2 women and injured 2 men Monday.

Anacleto Espanto, 42, surrendered at the police station at 6 p.m., about 16 hours after the collision.

The driver said he was hit by the car from behind, instead of the truck being hit and dragged into it, which was first told to responders by the car’s surviving passengers.

Espanto drives for the company.

According to him, he was delivering when he climbed the flyover and collided.

But he said out of fear, Espanto left and continued to deliver. He even went back to their garage in Cainta town, Rizal, before he decided to surrender to the police.

According to Police Lt. Mario Golondrina, officer-in-charge of the Pasig police traffic investigation unit, they saw a damaged tire on the back of Espanto’s 16-wheeler truck.

There were also scratches under the trailer.

But based on the car driver’s statement to the police, the truck’s tire exploded, and the car was hit.

Truck driver involved in in Pasig surrenders

The driver and male passenger, who both had multiple injuries are still in the hospital.

The family of those in the car and Espanto confronted each other when he surrendered, but according to Espanto, he did not speak.

Espanto is set to be subjected to inquest proceedings this Tuesday for reckless imprudence resulting in multiple homicides with serious physical injuries and damage to property.

Two female  passengers were killed after a truck collided with the C5 flyover in  early Monday morning.

Meanwhile, the gas tank was damaged in front of a bus after hitting a concrete barrier at EDSA Cubao in Quezon City Sunday night.

The driver and lone passenger of the bus, Reynaldo Paular, was not injured.

He said he was on his way to Caloocan to pick up vaccinees in Bulacan when he ran into bus barriers in the northbound lane.

The driver defended he dodged 2 cars that he said were racing, so he hit the barrier on the left.

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