Why travel with a portable mattress topper to the Philippines

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Travel, like almost every other aspect of our lives, has revolutionized thanks to advancement being witnessed in the various sectors. Advancements in digital technologies are having significant impacts on the quality of education, medicine, sleep, finances and body among others. In a bid to create comfort and convenience, individuals from different industries are working tirelessly to introduce innovations that do precisely that. The travel and sleep industries are among the sectors that are reaping big from innovations in their respective areas.

The past couple of decades saw an increase in the quality of sleep products such as mattresses and other beddings. Through research and development, it was established that the sleep quality influences our physical, mental and emotional health. Therefore, a significant number of mattress brands have dedicated to providing customers with amazing sleep experiences. It was amazing to learn that I didn’t have to be at home only to enjoy a good night’s rest and that I could do so even while vacationing. Well, hotel mattresses will not always complement our sleep needs and portable mattresses toppers are the solution.

Here are reasons why you may have to carry such a topper on your next trip to the Philippines.

What are mattress toppers?

A mattress topper is an additional mattress layer that measures anywhere between 10 and 20cm thick. It’s bought separately from the mattress and can be described as an extension of it. They serve the purpose of improving the quality of the bed support and comfort. Picture a scenario 1 where your mattress has grown old, is no longer comfy as it once was and you’re not in a position to buy one. Mattress buying is a long-term investment and as such requires sufficient capital which one may not have at that specific moment.

In scenario 2 you have a brand new bed and you’d want to ensure it stays protected from sweating, dust, and other spills; therefore, ensuring it stays brand new longer. Scenario 3 is our case, you’re vacationing but with almost every hotel you visit, the mattress is uncomfortable and non-supportive. In all 3 scenarios, the mattress topper provides an instant solution to the existing problems.

Benefits of a portable mattress toppers

Before taking an in-depth look at the benefits of having mattress toppers, it is worth noting that there are premium mattresses whereby the additional layers compromise the initial level of comfort and support instead of adding onto it. Examples include Nector and Amerisleep AS3 brands. Here’s a look at the benefits of mattress toppers whether portable or not.

  • Improved Level of Comfort

Such toppers add to the already existing mattress comfort layers. Together with the bed, they provide additional support for your which over time would have damaged the mattress top layers. When comfort is compromised the quality of sleep significantly deteriorates. Mattress toppers are beneficial because they prolong the bed’s longevity. They can also be easily rotated and therefore avoid damage to only one side of the topper. A portable topper for when traveling ensures that regardless of where you rest for the night you still get to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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  • They Increase The Longevity of The Mattress

We perspire a lot when sleeping which gets absorbed by the mattress. There’s also the presence of bacteria and skin which also gets to the mattress. There is also the probability of dirt and spills which compromise the mattress quality. Having a topper absorbs all of them and ensures that the bedding stays newer prolonging its longevity. Note that toppers also minimize the wear and tear of mattresses.

Factors to consider when buying mattress toppers

Like buying a mattress, not all toppers will be suitable for you. I learned that when it comes to shopping for any bedding, not all brands regardless of their popularity or preference by consumers will serve their purpose for every customer. Every individual has their own unique sleep needs that can be complicated by mattresses with a specific thickness, firmness level or construction material. Therefore, you’ll have to exercise a bit of caution when choosing a portable topper for your travels.

Factors to consider will include:

  • Ease to carry and clean – You do not want a bulk topper that will increase the of your language or make your travel difficult. Therefore, it must be lightweight, easy to carry and pack.
  • Body weight
  • Sleeping posture
  • Warranty
  • Construction material – Can be memory gel foam, wool or latex
  • Price
  • Firmness level

With the above in mind, you can purchase a portable topper that complements your specific sleep needs. Examples of stores where to purchase include this Novosbed Coupon company.

What makes portable mattress toppers invaluable during your travel to the Philippines?

What Makes Portable Mattress Toppers Invaluable During Your Travel to the Philippines?
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During travel, there’s a lot of uncertainty and quite frankly one never knows exactly what will happen the next. Considering there’s a chance you may end up missing your hotel booking for whatever reasons, spend some time in the outdoors or just not get a good night’s rest on the hotel mattress. Having a portable mattress topper comes in handy during such situations.

Note that the Philippines is in warm territories, temperatures soar up to 300Cduring the hot weather to lows of 260C in the cold season. Either it gets hot during the night which makes one sweat a lot during sleep. Having a topper prevents you from leaving sweat imprints on the hotel bed which is courteous on your part. As they say, leave a place better than you found it. Although, the country is home to some premium mattress brands, not all accommodation you find provides cozy bedding. Having a topper ensures that you enjoy sufficient support and a cozy night’s sleep.

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Whether you’re to visit the beaches in the Philippines or are planning to take a hike through the hill terrains such as the Cordillera Mountains as shown in the above picture you have to devise ways to make your travel be as fun and enjoyable as possible. The use of mattress toppers is one such way.