Travel agency CEO Angely Dub traumatized after Cubao condo robbed

The post of the CEO of a travel agency went viral after thieves broke into her condo unit in Cubao.

According to Angely Dub, CEO of Access Travel and Tours, she will leave the country due to fear after the incident.

Last week, Dub’s posts spread on social media in which she detailed what happened in her condo unit, which she thought was safe and secure.

According to her, she was about to go home to the condo on Saturday, but she thought of just going home to their house in Cavite.

On Sunday, she received a message from the management of Amaia Skies Cubao to report what happened.

The post stated Angely Dub’s complaints against the condo, especially since there was no CCTV in the hallway of the condo, which she believed would have resolved the case.

Even the CCTV at the fire exit allegedly did not work that night.

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Travel agency CEO traumatized after Cubao condo robbed

was even more frightened because when she went to the condo, she saw that her underwears were already in the kitchen and there were cigarette butts on them.

It is said that more than P1 million were stolen from her condo, including the she uses in the and her drone, along with other jewelry.

According to the QCPD, they are continuing their investigation into the incident.

Meanwhile, Amaia Skies, owned by Ayala Land, has issued a statement.

“These incidents have already been referred to the local authorities for proper investigation, with the Condo Corp. actively assisting in the investigation of the matter and implementing more stringent security measures,” said Raizel Matibag, project development manager at Amaia Skies Cubao.

“As for the lack of CCTVs in the hallway, we take this opportunity to confirm that the Project was built to be compliant with all applicable laws and regulations and that Amaia had installed CCTVs in all the required areas,” he said.


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