Transgender women arrested after allegedly stalking foreigners in Cebu

transgender women

Two transgender women were arrested in Cebu City after a direct assault, disobedience to a person of authority and obstruction of .

18-year-old Jurevel Simeni of Illigan City and 20-year-old Vivencio Rocamora of Cebu were arrested at 11pm charged with stalking foreigners. 

Police first cautioned the pair, however they ignored the warning and at one point they were heard negotiating with a foreigner again. The two transgenders were ordered to leave the area, but once again ignored the .

The suspects were restrained when Simeni spat on one of the police officers. When they were about to be arrested and cuffed, Rocamora grabbed Simeni’s left arm in an attempt to escape.

In the scuffle Simeni broke his arm and was brought to the Cebu City Medical Center. The police force ended up footing the bill as the two had no money. The event was suspicious to the police as the suspects were looking for customers in General Maxilom Avenue.

Now a social media all out-war on police brutality ensued and the two are making waves saying they accidentally bumped into a Korean and that was why the police caught their attention.

The transgender women are still being detained at the police station until further investigation and were interviewed saying they were filing a complaint with LGBT leader Magdalena Robinsons.

A Cebu City police spokesman said that a rash of complaints from and Korean men have surfaced in recent times. They reported losing cash and belongings to gay men and transgender women. The Police chief recently held talks with a group from the community to warm them about the situation.

“We don’t want that this place would be branded as sex district. The place is intended where young people and foreigners could have fun.”

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