Transgender woman stabbed to death in Bulacan

A transgender woman died after being stabbed inside her salon in Guiguinto, Bulacan.

Authorities identified the victim as Cindy Jones Torres, 39.

Police rushed to Torres’ salon in Barangay Tabe at midnight on Tuesday when someone asked for help from inside.

Someone was wrestling inside the salon, but the door was locked.

When the door was opened, the victim was found with stab wounds and was no longer alive.

The police caught the suspect, who admitted that he stabbed the transgender woman.

According to the suspect, the transgender woman tried to rape him, but the victim’s relatives and friends denied the allegation.

The investigation by the authorities revealed that the man had been borrowing money from Torres for a long time, and this was believed to be the reason for the murder.

Various organizations, such as Pantay Pilipinas and Bulacan State University Bahaghari, condemned the incident.

They say that up to 50 members of the community have been killed in hate crimes since 2010, so it is time for them to pass an anti-hate crime law.

Transgender woman stabbed to in Bulacan

The suspect will face murder charges.

In May, a 21-year-old  man was found dead in City and is suspected of being raped.

Ebeng Tria’s body was found in Bagong Silang a few days after he left

Two suspects were arrested after Zander dela Cruz was taken into custody after admitting that he and two others raped and killed his childhood friend Ebeng Mayor.

Dela Cruz named the other suspects Richard Elvin Araza and Joel Loyola, residents of Barangay , who were arrested in a follow-up operation. The three are detained at the City police’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit (CIDU) at Camp Karingal.

Dela Cruz told investigators he hit Tria on the head with a stone, knocking unconscious. They then took turns raping him, he confessed.

The police report said the suspects took Tria’s cell phone, wristwatch, and gold necklace before dumping his body in Bagong Silangan.

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