Transgender woman found dead in Caloocan


A 27-year-old transgender woman was found dead by her landlord in City on Saturday.

According to Raffy Tima’s report to “Saksi” on Thursday, Kyle Estrella was already dead for three days before she was found in her bedroom in Barangay 176, New Silang.


Estrella’s body, which was found on her bed, is in an advanced state of decomposition. As such, an autopsy could not determine the cause of her death.

“Sabi po nila sa autopsy wala daw pong bagok, wala daw pong saksak, tapos ‘yung mga organs niya nalusaw na,” said Lady Carissa Celi, the victim’s sister.

(They said in the autopsy that she has no head wound, stab wound, and her organs already melted.)


The family also has no information on the possible cause of Estrella’s death. According to them, the transgender woman has no enemy or disease.

“Sobrang bait po talaga nitong kapatid ko. Sana po kung sino po na may alam kung ano po ba talaga yung pinagdadaanan ng kapatid ko, alam naman po nila ‘yan,” added Celi.

(My sibling is so kind. I hope someone who knows what my brother is going through; they know that.)

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Transgender woman found dead in Caloocan

According to an initial investigation by the Caloocan Police, there was no sign of forced entry or struggle in Estrella’s room while her position in bed seemed she was sleeping.

Authorities added that the blood found on the side of the body was just body fluids.

“Yung pintuan naka-lock po sa loob, malabong-malabo na may makapasok,” said Police Corporal Anastacio Panga, Jr., an investigator.

(The door was locked inside. The possibility that someone came in is really low.)

According to authorities, they have yet to close the case to find out the result of the victim’s fingernail examination.

It is also possible that the body will undergo autopsy again to determine if Estrella’s death was natural or not.

The drugs found in Estrella’s room are also being tested in the laboratory.