Track Steps – Best App to Use

Many people don’t realize how inactive they are throughout the typical day. However, seeing how many steps you have taken can be the signal you need. Therefore, a pedometer can be a useful addition to any smart device’s app gallery.

There are a few uses for such an app. Besides tracking your steps, it can also determine how many you have burned from all the steps you have taken.

In this article, we are going to look at Pacer, which we consider to be the best app you can use for tracking your steps. Continue reading to learn more. 

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Features of Pacer

Pacer will do an excellent job of keeping track of how many steps you have taken in a day.

Plus, it comes with a handful of other features that should be enough to convince even the couchiest of couch potatoes to get up and start moving.

Pocket Pedometer

Pacer has an incredibly accurate activity-tracking feature that remains active for as long as you are.

 From jogging to running or even strolling to the corner-store, as long as your device is in your pocket, Pacer will work its magic.

Personalized Plans

With Pacer, you are able to receive and view personalized videos. These videos guide you through each workout session and can be used to drastically improve your fitness levels. 

Community of People

Pacer has an extensive community full of people just like you, and it is available for you to join if you use the app.

You can also take part in a number of different community challenges to improve your physical health even more.

General Tips

Pacer is a remarkably simple app to use. It is as easy as downloading the app and signing up or logging in. Despite its ease of use, there are a few tips we can provide to help you get the absolute most out of Pacer.

First, keep your device with you wherever you go. You do not need to have a full jogging session. If you are moving and your phone is with you, Pacer will record every step you take.

Second, be sure to turn location tracking on. This is for the app to work, but it can also be used to set new goals. With the map feature, you can set a destination for you to run, jog, or stroll towards.

Finally, if you can convince others in your immediate vicinity to get the app as well, you can form a proper walking group. Having others with you who all share the same goal can be excellent motivation.

Who It’s Suited For

Pacer’s great features and simple, clean UI make it an easy tool to use by just about anyone.

If you want to improve your fitness levels or plan on taking a daily walk, Pacer is perfect for you.

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How To Download

No matter your device’s operating system, Pacer is there for you. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Pacer can be downloaded from either the company’s website or the Apple and Google Play app stores.


Pacer is easily one of the cheapest pedometer apps out there, and it still maintains its great functionality. It never sacrifices features for inexpensiveness.

The app itself is totally free, but in order to access the personalized videos, you will need to upgrade your account. A premium account costs $9.99 per month.


  • Relatively inexpensive compared to some other apps
  • Valuable insights and analytics
  • Accurate
  • Clean and simple UI


  • Requires you to carry your device everywhere
  • Certain features are locked behind a paywall, though it is still pretty cheap

How To Use the App

Pacer is easy to use, and there is not a steep learning curve. Just make sure that you keep your device’s location tracking on in order to ensure the app’s functionality.

Beyond that, to keep track of your steps, simply keep your device with you wherever you go.

In addition, you can sync the app to other health tools such as Apple Health, as shown in the video people.


Pacer is a great pedometer app that provides you with simple functionality and fun in equal measure. As long as your phone is with you, Pacer is with you, too.

While some features are locked behind a premium account, the bare necessities provided by the free version work well. Overall, you will certainly get something great out of Pacer.