Track Your Running Distance – Best App to Use

There is probably nothing more important to a runner than tracking their running distance. It helps monitor performance and progress and can help motivate runners to set new distance goals.

Luckily, our smartphones can be used for just about anything, including tracking your running distance.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at Runkeeper, which was one of the first running apps ever made.

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Features of Runkeeper

Runkeeper is equipped with many useful features that go beyond simply tracking your running distance. Here are some of the main ones.

Tracking Workouts

You don’t need to use Runkeeper to track just your running. You can use it when walking, hiking, or most other activities.

It provides clear statistics of your training in real-time and encourages activity more often.

Goal Setting

Runkeeper lets you set goals like distances or target weights, and sends you encouraging notifications to keep you motivated toward achieving these goals.


The app is able to create personalized routines to match your current fitness level. These plans are built around your busy schedule, and you’ll get reminders every now and then to maintain these routines.

Progress Reports

Runkeeper wants you to know that running works, and aims to help you progress toward your goals faster. They provide reports on demand with statistics of your progress.

Playlist Connect

With Runkeeper, you’re able to sync your favorite iTunes and Spotify playlists and access them within the app, negating the need to switch between apps.

General Tips

One of our biggest tips for using this app would be to make use of the goal-setting feature. The app will remind you of any goals you have set and will show you the progress you are making towards each goal.

The planning feature can be especially useful for folks with busy schedules who want to maintain a running/workout routine.

Runkeeper will plan routines around your schedule, so you have enough time to work and work out.

Who Should Use Runkeeper?

Obviously, if you don’t run or exercise regularly, you won’t find much use from Runkeeper. This app is suited for those who are dedicated to running and tracking their progress and want a visual representation of their running goals and routines.

It’s also great for folks who want to start running consistently and need a way to stay motivated and plan goals. If you aren’t any of those people, you won’t be needing Runkeeper.

Best Uses and iPhone/ Compatibility

Runkeeper is definitely best used for tracking your running progress and making new running goals, but it can be used for other like walking and hiking as well.

It’s also useful if you find it difficult to stay motivated since it has a bunch of virtual rewards to keep you encouraged.

Runkeeper is available for iOS 11.2 and watchOS4.0 or later, and with most versions.


Runkeeper is completely free to download and use, but also offers the Runkeeper Go subscription.

This subscription costs $9.99/month or $39.99/year and gives you access to premium features like progress insights, workout comparisons, and insights.


  • Workout tracking
  • Goal setting
  • Spotify and iTunes compatible
  • Virtual rewards for motivation
  • Personalized workout routines


  • Several features locked behind a paid subscription
  • GPS accuracy may be inconsistent

How to Download

To download Runkeeper for your iOS device, navigate to the App Store, search for ‘Runkeeper’ in the search bar, and press Install.

Once the download has finished, you’ll be able to open the app from your Home Screen.

The download procedure for Android devices is pretty much identical. Open up the Play Store and search for ‘Runkeeper’ in the search bar.

Tap Install and wait for the download to complete. Runkeeper will be available from your Home Screen or App Drawer once the download is done.

How to Use

Once you’ve signed in or created a Runkeeper account, you’ll be met with the start screen, which acts as the central hub for the app. Tap on the running man in the top left corner to select from over ten to track.

If you are going outdoors to use the GPS tracking feature, make sure you have the top bar toggled to ‘GPS’ mode, then select the activity you want to track.

Alternatively, if you plan on exercising inside, tap the activity selector icon and choose ‘Stopwatch Mode,’ and then choose an activity.

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Wrapping Up

Runkeeper is by far the best app to use to track your running progress, and it’s multitude of features elevate it further than just a simple distance-tracking app.

We hope that this article has provided some useful insight into the app. Happy running!