Track Expenses – Best App To Use

If you are like most people and you struggle to keep tabs on your expenses, you may need something to help. After all, between app subscriptions and plans, expenses of the modern world can be hard to keep up.

This is when an expense tracking app will come in handy. This tool helps you to keep of your expenses.

And in the process, it will help you to start doing what everybody wants to do but just can’t – saving some money. We take a close look at one of these handy apps below.

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Features Of The FreshBooks App

There are quite a number of great features that come with this app. These will help you take control of your expenses. The expense tracking capability of this app will help you to keep of all your business or private expenses easily.

It provides you with easy access to all of your accounts, so you will need only a central point of entry. Together with the app, you also get clear and easy to understand documentation to get you up and running in no time.

Automatic updating of all your daily expenses, this app will help to keep your expenses current and up to date. In addition, it is accessible from all of your mobile devices. Therefore, you can have access and control everywhere you may go.

Who It Is Suited To

This app can easily be used by small businesses to keep track of all expenses that are happening daily. The app is suitable to be used for the one-person business and private tracking of all costs.

This app is also ideal to be used by larger companies to help keep track of the expenses of all their employees.

Quick Instructions On How To Use FreshBooks

When you receive your invoice, you just use the app and take a photo of it. It will then be automatically stored. For a quick intro on use FreshBooks, see this Youtube video and be amazed at how easy it is.

This app is very easy to use, and even a non-accountant person can use it to do books like an accountant. For easy instructions on every feature, you can also go to the website.


There are a number of packages available to suit many different businesses or home applications for tracking expenses. To see complete information on the available packaging, visit the website of FreshBooks.

When you apply for a package, and you select the annual subscription, you will get a hefty discount of 10 percent. There are packages available for companies that have only five employees and even for companies with more than 500 employees. These come with different price structures.

Everything is so easy with FreshBooks, even the registration is quick and easy to do so.


  • It is suitable for business and home use
  • Comes with a lot of extra features
  • Easy to use
  • You get great support
  • There is a free version available


  • It is a bit expensive for private use

How To Download

To get hold of this app, just go to the FreshBooks website and download the app for free or apply for one of their plans. It is quite easy to follow the instructions on the website if you are interested in joining their plan for your business.

It can be either installed on your home computer or be used as a completely online app to keep track of invoices and expenses. This app is compatible with most popular mobile devices that use Android or iOS as an operating system.

To download the app, you only need to click on the option you prefer and then follow the onscreen instructions. You will immediately be able to start using the app after you registered without any delay.

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So without further delay, go and get the app. It will help you get all your expenses done in one simple package. As you can see, you do not need to be an accountant to keep track of all the expenses.

This app is designed with one purpose in mind, and that is convenience.