Track Which Books You’ve Read – Best App to Use

If you are a book lover, you need to have your favorite books with you all the time. 

You can organize your media files within the app, storing books, media, music, and video games. If you want to avoid rooms full of stuff like bookshelves, CDs, and video collections, then Libib is the perfect choice for you.

If you are already curious, let’s out more about the best app to use to keep track of the books you’ve read!

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How to Use It

You can download the mobile app on your phone and start scanning books from your shelf. You take a book from your shelf and scan the bar code on the app.

Once the book is scanned, the app will add the book instantly in your library so you can read it later. All the books will be stored alphabetically. 

Features of The App

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can create a sample library. You give a name to the library, and you can start scanning all of your books. You can scan all the barcodes or enter them manually.

After your collection is scanned, you can see book descriptions, its covers, and key details like the publisher, number of pages, ISBN, and reviews. 

You can also tag a book and put a status on it like “Not Begun,” “Not Started,” “Started,” “Not Finished,” and “Abandoned.” These are the tags that you can put to your books within the app.

After you scan all your books and add them to your library, you have two options: you can see your collections on the mobile app, or you can access the site and see your books there. Therefore, both options are in your favor.


You can download the app from Google Play or App Store very quickly. After you download it, you can start scanning your books and have a record of your digital files very easily.

The desktop version is also available if you prefer accessing your library from your PC


If you decided to go for Libib, you have two options regarding the costs.

You can choose the standard option, which is free. The free version allows for 5,000 items within 100 libraries.

Or you can go for the pro version, which is $100 per year. If you go for the pro version, you will be able to register up to 100,000 items within 100 libraries.  


We can say that one of the biggest pros for Libib is that you can download the app for free. And you can still set up a standard account for free.

It is straightforward to download and to install on your mobile phone, and scanning books is easy with the bar scan coder.

You will be able to use your libraries and setting different features for your items. 


The yearly membership, which is $100, can be prohibitive to some people.

Another problem is that if you have an old ISBN from old books, sometimes the scanner won’t scan the old numbers. You will not be able to add that book to your library.

There are some limitations in the system when it comes to the scanner, sometimes the scanner doesn’t scan some ISBNs, but probably not very often.

Who Should Use It

If you are a book lover, and you want to keep all your books stored in your digital library, then Libib is the perfect choice for you.

With 100,000 books, if you will choose the pro version of the account, you will be able to keep track of all of your books.

Start scanning your books with the Libib app immediately and create the most organized personal library ever! Thus, Libib is the best app for keeping track of and organizing all of your books. 

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All in all, Libib is the perfect choice for you if you are a book lover. And you want to eliminate all the towering bookshelves in your room and make some space.

It is effortless to use, to download, has a friendly user interface, and has excellent free features. Libib is waiting for you to use it! So, what are you waiting for?