Track Bills – The Best App to Use 

Multiple credit cards, bank accounts, a never-ending stream of bills to pay, EMIs, and what not – all of these have become essential features of the modern-day budgeting. This is also what is known as ‘Personal Financial Management’.

With the scope and complexity of personal financial management increasing by the day, it is important to adapt to new ways of doing such. One must look for ways to manage finances better, keep a track of all bills, and make informed financial decisions. Thankfully, technology comes to the rescue, here as well!

Prism is a cutting-edge solution to eliminate the pain of tracking and paying for bills all the time. Let us explore more about the app and how it works.

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What is Prism?

Prism is a free-to-use mobile application that lets you take complete control of your bills and money through a number of its features.

Not just that, you get to see a complete picture of your finances through easy-to-read graphics. Therefore, using the Prism App, you can make well-informed and better financial decisions.

How Does it Work?

Prism has put in place a meticulously designed mechanism for tracking of bills. All you have to do is link your bank accounts, credit cards, and other account details to the app.

Then, it will automatically fetch the payments to be made and create a billing calendar for you. Further, you can integrate monthly bills like those of electricity and utilities. This way you get a wholesome picture of where your money is going. It’s simple, easy, and quick!

Features of the Prism App

  • Integrated Financial Picture

One of the best things about the Prism app is that it offers you a wholesome picture of your finances by bringing together all your financial assets and banking services on one single integrated platform.

This includes your bank accounts, credit and debit cards, loan installments, insurance premium, utility bills, and more.

  • An Exhaustive List of Associated Billers

Prism has a long and almost exhaustive list of service providers, sellers, and billers that are associated with it.This ensures that you can track the payments of anything and everything you want, regardless of who your service provider is.

This is a highly practical consideration and comes handy when tracking your bills using the Prism app.

  • Payment Reminders & Notifications

The Prism app sends out a reminder to you, every time a bill payment is approaching. In other words, the app ensures that you never miss a payment deadline or are charged for the same.

  • Multiple Bill Payment Options

Using the Prism app, you get to choose how to make your payments and what payment method to use for each. Prism lets you make payments on credit/debit, savings accounts, or salary account as per your convenience.

Who Should use the Prism App?

Anyone and everyone using banking services and paying bills can benefit immensely from the Prism app. More specifically, you should download the Prism app if any of the following apply to you.

  • You are using one or more credit cards with a monthly/quarterly payment cycle.
  • You have multiple bank accounts and want to control payments from certain bank accounts.
  • A lot of your time goes into logging on to different payment portals to check the due dates and bill amount.
  • You are struggling to keep a track of everyday expenses and bill payments, and hence miss the deadlines often.
  • You want to understand where your money is going and cut down your expenditures.

How to Download

Prism is available both for Android and iOS users. It is easy to download, install, and signup on the app.

First, visit the App Store or Google Play Store and search for the Prism app. Then, click on ‘Download’ and accept the terms and conditions.

Once installed, signup on the app using your email id. Then, you can enter a few basic details to complete your profile

Enter your banking and financial details to integrate all your bills and payments with the app. You can enable notifications and use to app to track all your payments, and get reminders.

Setting up your account and integrating all your banking services with the app may take a while initially, but all it will be worth it.

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The Bottom Line

Prism app is easy to use and very effective in tracking bills and overall money management. Experience it for yourself today by downloading the app!