Trac Jobs – How to Find Work through the Platform

Trac Systems Ltd. is an independent company specializing in the provision of electronic recruitment services. It started in July 2000 and had the most significant independent database of nursing vacancies in the UK by Christmas of the same year.

Nevertheless, their nursing website’s popularity prompted the HealthJobsUK website to cover all health sector and for vacancies in the NHS. Today, they have the UK health sector’s leading intelligent application management framework.

Trac automates work-intensive tasks and offers visual reminders to help users handle recruitment effectively. It helps with actionable insights and gives tools to evaluate real-time data, target key areas, and enhance recruitment process.

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What is Trac Jobs

With more than 1 in 12 posts vacant, the NHS is facing a struggle for the workforce, placing pressure on services. Using the new digital technologies, Trac provides recruiters with an automated workflow, improving the speed and reliability of getting the best candidates into the position.

It is trusted by more than 180 NHS organizations and local government agencies across England and Wales. 

Trac streamlines recruiting with access to Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and eBulk (DBS), as as primary marketing outlets like, Find a Job, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It oversees the entire process from ads, shortlisting, interviews, bid letters, and work inspections through to the start date and induction of the candidates.

How does the Platform Help You Find Work

Streamline Authorization for Vacancies

Trac’s flexible workflows offer administrators, authorizers and hiring staff full visibility into the development of a vacancy application.

Automate and Tailor Your Workflow

Trac’s automated notification and maximum accountability for action notifications help users to efficiently handle and prioritize workloads.

System reminders encourage applicants to book and attend interviews and ID checks and to accept letters and contracts from the offer.

Boost Relations with Applicants

With Trac, users can incorporate and maintain all the applicant communications in one location.

It Improves and standardizes the recruiting process as all email and text messages inside the applicant file are processed simultaneously.

Program of Pre-employment Checks

With Trac, the users can store all checks and documents securely in one place, simplifying the pre-employment inspections. This includes the DBS system built-in.

Whenever an action is required, it produces automatic prompts allowing teh users to process new starters efficiently.

Improve Your Reporting at KPI

Numerous pre-constructed reports include Fair Compensation, Recruiting Time, Applicant Source, and more.

Users can also set their own targets and evaluate the recruitment process at any stage.

How to Find Work through Trac Jobs

With over 1.3 million workers and over 350 different professions on offer, no matter what your preferences, expertise, or credentials, Trac Jobs can help applicants find their ideal roles.

Many employers advertise their work openings on this online employment recruitment site. Trac Jobs puts them all into one place, making finding and applying for a wide array of jobs very efficient.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can apply for a through the Trac Jobs platform.

  1. Register. When arriving at the platform’s Employment site, go to the ‘Log-in’ window. Click ‘Register for an account’ button.
  2. Fill in the box on ‘Personal Details.’
  3. Fill in the box ‘Jobs by Email.’ This box appears in personal information as you type in.
  4. Check the box “Acceptable Use Policy”.
  5. Click the “Create” button.
  6. And done. An email will be sent to your inbox to inform you when new positions are created.

When you register via Trac Jobs you can enjoy the many benefits. These include scanning the updated database by work description, salary, place, and keywords to find your ideal position from thousands of vacancies.

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With the aid of latest technology and keeping up with the evolving requirements of the NHS, Trac Jobs effectively meets the needs and demands of its customers.

As a seeker, you can find many suitable roles with this platform. You can use many of its great features to stay ahead in the job hunting game.