Tourism chiefs plan to promote surfing in the Philippines

surfing philippines, next huge tourism factor
Surfing to be Next Huge Tourism Factor for PH – (Image of Cloud 9 surfer)

The Department of Tourism (DOT) released a statement week saying “The DOT is implementing two far-reaching programmes to develop surfing as a major tourism product for the country.”

The first part of the noted program is to get classification and accreditation for resorts, surf camps and other facilities that provide surfing lessons to clients.


The statement released by the DOT said: “Accreditation of such will require these training facilities to retain certified surfing instructors to teach or supervise the teaching of their students.  

“It will also require them to have the essential teaching equipment and gear, such as soft training surfboards and rash guards; adequate spaces for class lessons, lockers, toilets and showers.  

“Very important, they must have emergency rescue and crisis response capabilities including first aid kits and communications equipment for handling urgent conditions.”


The second phase of the programme calls for the upgrading of local coaches to bring them into international certification levels as instructors.

The DOT said they want “to place them at par with the world’s best surfing coaches and increasing the number to retain certified instructors to teach or supervise the teaching of their students.”

The Philippines Department of Tourism has partnered with Australia’s Academy of Surfing Instructors and its local chapter, the Academy of Surfing Instructors Philippines.

The Philippines DOT will help ASIP’s role to execute all ASI functions throughout the country. Those functions include instructor certification courses which will be supervised under ASI’s strict rules.

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