Total of 1,394 bullets planted at Manila airport so far this year

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Total of 1,394 Bullets Planted in NAIA so Far in 2015 –

The Philstar has reported that nearly 1,400 bullets have been discovered at Manila’s NAIA airport alone this year.

So does it settle the bullet planting scheme being blamed on security at NAIA? why has the truth been hidden to the fact that many of these live bullets are in fact wrapped or placed inside red velvet bags by so called ‘healers’ or those assisting Filipinos in the belief that the bullets will ward off evil spirits.


Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya said the cases of “Laglag bala” or bullet planting in airport terminals throughout the country “Have been blown out of proportion.”

Abaya noted that on average, each year, the Philippines experiences approximately 1,500 bullet related cases in airports, from NAIA to smaller regional airports.

According to OTS Adminstartor Roland Recomono, ammunition being found in passengers’ bags is not uncommon.


Before the bullet planting scam got out of control, reported on several occasions where foreigners were stopped at airports in 2014-2015 for carrying live ammunition.

So who’s to blame here? people running around worry about a momo or airport security personnel, or taxi drivers, guards, baggage assistance?

bullet chart
Ammunition Interception Bullet Chart Courtesy of Philstar

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