Tito Sotto mum on 2022 election plans

Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III has not yet decided whether he will run for a higher position in the 2022 national elections, which will include the presidency and vice presidency.

“We say in Tagalog, mahirap magsalita ng tapos. But my priority, my first option is to retire,” said Sotto in an interview with ANC.

According to Sotto, he has been in government for almost 30 years, starting as of Quezon City in 1988 and running for senator in 1992.

“It’s not really that to think about coming up with or running for a higher office. And then I have my political party to reckon with. We are somehow a bit crippled because of the demise of Ambassador Danding Cojuangco,” he explained.

Sotto, 71, is the highest elected official of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) founded by Cojuangco, who passed away last month.

Sotto had earlier said it would be a test for them to keep their party secure after Cojuangco died.

“We have to meet, we plan to meet after 40 days and see the plans of the party. I do not have any personal intentions of running for higher office at the moment,” he said.

“We would probably help with just being a supporter. Depende, tingnan natin, I cannot say yes, I cannot say no at this point,” the senator added.

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Sotto on

Tito Sotto said Wednesday he is not in favor of imposing the for suspects found ins possession of 50 grams of illegal drugs.

“Hindi naman pwede’ yun. The present law says 200 grams non-bailable, paanong naging 50 grams lang e death penalty? If they insist, then forget the bill,” Sotto said on Twitter.

“Fifty grams is to plant! My bill says ‘high level drug trafficking only,’ if you want it to stand a chance!” he added.

According to Article II Section 11 of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 states that the “penalty of life imprisonment to death and a fine ranging from P500,000 to P10,000,000 shall be imposed upon any person” who shall possess the following:

  •     10 grams or more of opium;
  •     10 grams or more of morphine;
  •     10 grams or more of heroin;
  •     10 grams or more of cocaine or cocaine hydrochloride;
  •     50 grams or more of methamphetamine hydrochloride or “shabu”;
  •     10 grams or more of marijuana resin or marijuana resin oil;
  •     500 grams or more of marijuana; and
  •     10 grams or more of other dangerous drugs