Titan Arum: World’s largest flower blooms for first time in five years in Tokyo


World's Largest Flower Blooms For First Time in 5 Years
– The World’s Largest Flowers Blooms for the First Time in 5 Years in Tokyo, Japan – www.philippineslifestyle.com

The Titan Arum, believed to be the world’s largest flower which rarely blooms has opened in Tokyo, Japan, this week.

The bloom, which only lasts two or three days, only happens a few times in the flower’s lifetime.


The rare flower opened in one of Tokyo’s botanical wonders, the Jindai Botanical Garden.

The flower is about 6’6″ tall – and has attracted hundreds of visitors to view the rare bloom.

Also known as the corpse flower, the plant has an overwhelming odour similar to Southeast Asian flower known as Rufflasia.


Often found towering above 10′ tall, the flower is native to Sumatra, in Indonesia.

In recent years the flower has been classified as ‘vulnerable’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature to the widespread issue of deforestation.

The last time a species of Titan Arum bloomed was in the city of Chofu on July 22, 2010.