Timing not yet right for ‘vaccine pass’ policy: Metro Manila mayors

The Metro Manila Council (MMC) said this is not the right time to implement the vaccine pass policy to allow inoculated individuals to enter indoor establishments.

According to MMC chairman and Parañaque mayor Edwin Olivarez, the policy would be “very unfair” since a small number of the population have been vaccinated against COVID-19 so far.

“Very unfair naman po yan na bibigyan natin ng policy na yun lang makakapasok sa indoors, sa ating mga restaurant, at iba pang mga establishment ay yung mga nabigyan ng vaccination pass,” he said.

“Sa amin sa MMC parang hindi pa ho tama ang panahon ngayon po para i-implement yang policy na yan,” Olivarez added.

(It’d be very unfair if only those with vaccine pass can enter restaurants and other indoor establishments. We in the MMC think the time is not yet right for such policy.)

Olivarez noted that the current supply of COVID-19 is not enough to cover many populations.

“Yung vaccination program natin ngayon lang umaarangkada [our vaccination program is just starting to gain momentum],” he said.

Timing not yet right for ‘vaccine pass’ policy: Metro Manila mayors

The  and the Department of Trade and Industry are pushing for the use of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) “” so vaccinated customers can enter to indoor establishments such as restaurants.

According to Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion, he is pushing for a standard vaccine pass that establishments can entice the population to get vaccinated.

That is, it will allow some restaurants to accept customers with a vaccine passport.

“[For example] I would like to go to a restaurant… They have to have strict rules, I will enter there, kung everyone there [has] taken the vaccine,” said Concepcion.

Department of Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon  confirmed that they plan to issue a vaccine pass.

“Yes. That has been in the plan as discussed with the restaurant group, and being studied as to timing and protocols. The new variants still pose risks, so we need to reopen indoors very gradually,” said Lopez.

According to the data, up to 3 million people have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

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