Time traveller predicts Philippines is set to become crime-free utopia

time traveller
The self declared time traveller discusses the future of the Philippines in a YouTube posted this week

A YouTuber who claims to be a time traveller from the year 2030 has predicted a crime-free golden age for the Philippines.

Speaking on ApexTV — a YouTube channel dedicated to the strange and unusual — on Monday (November 26), ‘Noah’ said the Philippines will be a central part of a union between Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries. 

Indeed, he went so far to say that Manila would be the seat of power holding sway over Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

“I cannot say the name of this future country but the Philippines will basically be like a state within this country and it’s gonna be a huge, huge thing,” he said. “The ASEAN will become one giant country and plans for the whole world to become multiple countries that are merged together, and they will become like some type of districts but they will be very, very powerful.”

And if this doesn’t seem somewhat far-fetched, Noah also said that by this time the Philippines will be totally crime-free.

“In the future, the Philippines makes one of the biggest decisions ever and finally get rid of all the corruption and all the crime,” the time traveller said. “The Philippines becomes a giant utopia. It is the most unbelievable transformation ever.”

Noah — whose face is pixelated and voice disguised in all of his appearances — said that the crime-free Philippines would reach its golden age after introducing an “artificial intelligence police task force”. This, he claimed, is yet to be developed by Japan. 

He added that as soon as this futuristic technology is adopted by the Philippines, the country’s gross domestic product would immediately go stratospheric.

“In 2030, Philippines just started a decision to actually implement brain chips into as much people as possible,” he said. “If you were ever rushed to the hospital, they could easily find all the information on you and it has saved so many lives — like in the millions.”

He closed his six-minute by asking viewers to suggest which countries’ futures he should discuss next and pledged to take a lie-detector test.

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