Three children die after eating tainted turtle meat



sea turtle
Three Children Die Eating Sea Turtle Meat in Irosin, Sorsogon –

Three young children have died after eating sea turtle meat in the town of Ironsin, in the province of Sorsogon.


All three children were from the same family, they include one-year-old Juvelyn Alon, three-year-old Jacob Alon and five-year-old Jose Bernando Alon.

The children died from food poisoning after eating turtle meat that their parents bought from a peddler in the town of Irosin.

An initial report said that Juvelyn was the first to suffer stomach pain and began to vomit, he was rushed to the Irosin District Hospital but was pernounced dead on arrival.


Jacob and Jose experienced the same violent vomiting as their sibling and were rushed to the Sorsogon Provincial Hospital, Jacob was pronounced dead on arrival, while Jose died at the hospital several hours later.

Dr Maxima Gonzales said the cause of the deaths of the siblings was food poisoning due to the turtle meat they ate.

A police report said the incident took place at 10.30am on Sunday. The parents said the turtle meat was bought from a fish vendor by the name of Norman Gacias.

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