Three Bureau of Immigration officers abducted four Bangladeshis


3 Bureau of Immigration Officers In Trouble For Abducting 4 Foreign Nationals in Manila –

The story is a bit sketchy but it appears three officers from the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation allegedly abducted four Bangladeshis at their boutique in Sampaloc, Manila.

Investigator James Poso of the Manila Police District General Assignment and Investigation Section said the incident took place at 10am on Wednesday as reported by a certain Joeflor Wasim, aged 22, friend of the victims.


The Bangladeshis were identified as Mahiudin Ahamed Shapan, Umma Happy Soria, and their children Ibrahim Hasin, seven, and Maisa Mehejabin Soha, three.

Wasim said the victims were abducted at BM Boutique located at 946 M. De la Fuente Street in Sampaloc, Manila.

They were arrested at 10am by the officers for allegedly being illegal aliens, and were asked to board a black Ford vehicle with conduction sticker of #7591. Their passports were forcibly taken from them at the time of their supposed arrests.

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The alleged victims have said they can easily identify the suspects once they see them in person – The accused officers demanded 500,000 peso in exchange for their freedom.

Wasim, fearing for the lives of her friends, called a lawyer-friend working at the National Police Commission, who immediately mobilized his contacts to reach the proper authorities and demand from the Immigration bureau the release of the Bangladesh citizens.

Just a few hours later, Wasim was informed that the victims were released in Parañaque City – they did not pay the ransom.

Chief Insp. Arsenio Riparip, head of MPD-GAIS, said charges will be filed before the Manila Prosecutor’s Office once the identities of the Immigration officers are established.