Three brothers hunting for Japanese treasure die after gas floods into mine

illegal gold mining
3 Brothers Die After Illegal Gold Mine Shaft – Due to Uncle Saying “I have a Dream” – stock photo –

Three brothers are dead after their uncle told them last year that he “had a dream” about gold bars being buried in the area around their home.

The three brothers became trapped in a mine hole some 20-feet deep on Saturday.

42-year-old Danilo Nabas, 40-year-old Rolando, and 33-year-old Reynanate, were buried alive near their home in Barangay Tan-awan.

Police say that their 22-year-old brother in law went to check on the three brothers around noon Saturday, but got no reply when calling down the shaft for them.

The young boy went down the mine shaft but the stench of sulphur overtook him, creating a breathing problem for him. He climbed back out of the hole and called for help.

Rescuers arrived and found the brothers unconscious – they were rushed to a nearby hospital where they died while being treated.

The young man was confined in hospital for further treatment.

Officials said that the three brothers had been digging since early 2015.


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