Sweet dreams: Three of the best mattresses made in the Philippines

A good night’s sleep is for mind and body, and a mattress is what makes a restful night possible. But finding a great mattress in the Philippines can be a challenge. However, there are some pretty decent brands produced domestically. Here are three top options:


Are you thinking of traveling to the Philippines this holiday? Well, it’s not such a terrible idea. Early last year, I decided to visit the city of Manila as I wanted to learn about the country’s history. I slept at one of the large in the city, and I was surprised to see they use high standard foam mattresses. Of course, my obsession with such mattresses made me look for the best mattress companies in the area. I wanted to walk away with some fantastic products before heading back home!

I found three exciting companies which I would like to share with you. I hope that you try them out as soon as you arrive in the country!

  1. Uratex Foam

The first company I saw was Uratex. It has worked for more than 50 years and continues to be the leading mattress manufacturer in the country. It produces high-quality products to make sure that you sleep longer and wake up stronger. It’s a reliable company that uses advanced technologies to deliver top-notch and very comfortable mattresses.

These mattresses are quite affordable despite their high standards. It was pleasing to see that the company invests in world-class research and development as it continues to produce the best grade of foam mattresses. I also discovered that the company had grown tremendously over the years. It’s now one of the most popular names in the entire bedding industry!

  1. Salem Mattresses

Even though I was impressed with the level of services I saw in Uratex, I was not completely satisfied. So, I decided to visit another mattress foam company. Here, I came across Salem, another leading mattress manufacturer in the country. Unlike any other business, its main aim is to put a Salem mattress in every home in the Philippines, and it’s slowly getting there!

Different mattress reviews from the try mattress website show that you need to look into the durability of a mattress before making any purchase. Salem is commonly known for producing mattresses which last for a long time. Although it started from humble beginnings, it’s now a household name in the Philippines mattress industry. It’s even evolved to being a renowned furniture and bed manufacturer.

It was launched back in the 1980’s and it continues to make its mark in the broad consumer market. I loved their elephant commercials, where an elephant is seen comfortably sleeping on their high-density mattresses. It also played and jumped, further showcasing the company’s dedication to producing reliable and durable products.

  1. Tempur Philippines

Tempur has an interesting backstory. It started when NASA first developed a material that absorbs pressure to support and give added cushion to their astronauts, especially during lift-off. They wanted a unique material that evenly distributes strength and weight, and so, Tempur foam mattresses were born. They are the only products certified and recognized by the space foundation.

The company develops, does research, engineers, produces and manufacturers mattresses and other relaxation and sleep products across the country. Besides, they sell these products to more than 80 countries!

Other than their recognition, I was also impressed with their large variety of products. They usually have four different mattress collections, each with its specific level of comfort. Even so, all are meant to adapt and conform to the unique shape of your body. They include:

  • Tempur Original – it’s designed to give you a firmer and supportive feel
  • Tempur Cloud – these types of mattresses are quite soft for additional comfort
  • Tempur Sensation – if you want a more traditional feel, this is the best of the bunch!
  • Tempur Hybrid – they respond quickly to the shape of your body.

These three companies will not let you down once you go shopping for mattresses in the Philippines. However, keep in mind that it’s okay to choose the company with perfect customer relations and brand recognition. It’s the only way you can get your hands on the best deals!