Thousands of hotdogs burned in Cotabato


A delivery truck containing thousands of was burned in Makilala, Cotabato, resulting in P2.3 million worth of damages, Tuesday.

Makilala Bureau of Fire Protection investigation revealed that the delivery truck came from Davao City, going to Midsayap, Cotabato carrying thousands of hotdogs when it flamed in Sitio Lambac, Barangay Malasila at around 5 in the morning.


As the car drove through the road, the driver sensed the heat on the backside, and as he turned, the fire was growing, and it was spreading slowly toward them.

Because the entire delivery truck was made of fiber, the fire grew, causing the riders to abandon the vehicle.

According to Senior Fire Inspector 1 Rey Pacris of BFP-Makilala, the fire burned P150,000 worth of hotdogs, which were supposed to be delivered to Kidapawan City and Midsayap town.


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Thousands of hotdogs burned to ashes in Cotabato

Froilan Mamasamayor, a resident of General Santos City, owned the burnt delivery truck.

According to the investigation of Makilala BFP, a faulty connection in the truck’s wiring could be the source of the fire.

Makilala Police meanwhile clarified that news saying the New People’s Army or NPA burned the delivery truck is not true.