This pig won’t fly: Airport security team tackle rampaging wild boar – VIDEO

Elite security officers were scrambled to deal with a security breach at airport after a wild boar was spotted in a restricted area today.

A team of officers used riot shields to pin the boar on the floor near Chek Lap Kok Airport’s north apron before conservation authorities arrived.

Picture via Facebook

In a video posted to Facebook by Hong Kong’s Wild Boar Concern Group, the animal was shown running away from officers on the airport apron, an area where aircraft are parked.

In the video an onlooker is heard exclaiming in Cantonese: “Wow, such a big pig!”

A second voice then adds a note of panic, shouting: “It’s running over here! It’s covered in blood!”

A spokeswoman for the Airport Authority said: “After sighting the wild pig in the restricted area, staff immediately gave chase and also called in officers from the security unit who later subdued it.” She also said that the pig had been captured by 2.30pm, and that airport operations were not affected.

The porker has now been transferred to an animal management centre to have her wounds treated.

Picture via Facebook

The report on the Wild Boar Concern Group’s Facebook page has attracted much comment. Cheung Ka Lo wrote: “This is too much! Even if it endangers flight safety, must you beat it till it bleeds?”

However, Yau Leo took a different view, saying: “Isn’t it better for it to bleed than to be sucked into a plane engine?”

Up to 40 per cent of Hong Kong’s land area is made up of country and nature reserves, and it is common for wildlife, particularly hungry pigs, to find their way into urban areas.

The agriculture department advises people not to approach them as they can become aggressive if threatened.

A wild pig caused havoc in 2015 when it wandered into a shop knocking down a mannequin and briefly entered a changing room, forcing staff and customers to flee.


Posted by 香港野豬關注組 Hong Kong Wild Boar Concern Group on Tuesday, December 20, 2016