Thief caught red-handed in selfie while stealing money from bag

Thief in Selfie Image
Thief Gets Caught in “Selfie” Stealing Money From Bag – image courtesy of “when in manila” –

According to Fred Borreo, the owner of the photos, a man walked into room where students took a ‘selfie’ and in the process caught the image of a thief stealing money from their bag.

An unknown amount of cash was taken by the man – the images make it appear as though he is much older than the actual students taking the selfie, possibly even too old to be in school.


The ‘red-handed’ robber is now on social media and Borreo and his friends hope someone will help them catch him.

Borreo said: “He came in with the students, opened the bag, took the money and left.”

So the next time you think about stealing an object, better look to see if anyone nearby is posing for a selfie.


Anyone knowing this thief, contact us directly via this website or comment below.

Thief in Selfie 2
A closer look at the thief in action

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