The new Filipina Barbie celebrates country’s culture and fashion

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The New Filipina Barbie Has Culture – Fashion – Style and More –

The new Filipina Barbie by Mattel – Mutya Barbie – has a new look from one of the original releases in 1991 – not only is it more conformed, it is also more fashionable, comes with plenty of style and above has lots and lots of Culture.

Part of the Global Glamour Collection, the debut Barbie doll designer, Carlyle Nuera was inspired by both culture and his own family when designing the new model Barbie.

“The name ‘Mutya’ means pearl or beauty or muse; it’s a girl’s name; and it is also used in the titles of beauty pageants in the Philippines,” said Nuera. “My mother, Ruby, was Miss in 1976.”

 Nuera, who has dreamed of designing for the Barbie Collection since childhood, looked to Filipino culture and fashion for inspiration. He chose the Kira sculpt for the face, which is a favorite of Barbie collectors that has not been used for almost fifteen years. The doll was then dressed in an organza terno with the classic big butterfly sleeves.

“The print on the organza terno references textiles of the different tribes in the Philippines as well as the sun icon from the flag,” said Nuera. “The embroidery on the hem is inspired by the Philippines national flower, the sampaguita. The details of Mutya Barbie’s jewelry refer back to tambourine jewelry as well.”

Muya Barbie has a limited release and only 4.400 dolls will be produced for the world market.