The Best Daily Task Scheduling Apps for Those Who Work from Home

More and more people work from home these days and that means scheduling apps have become the more necessary. If you work from home, you need to schedule your days yourself as opposed to having someone watching over you.

And if you work with a team, you might need to coordinate schedules with other people or even make schedules for others. Scheduling can help to reduce unnecessary messaging back and forth. Having a schedule to work by can really streamline everyone’s day.

These days there are quite a number of apps that claim to help you schedule your day efficiently. We’ve looked into some of the best scheduling apps in the market today and have the details for you up next. 


The Best Daily Task Scheduling Apps for Those Who Work from Home
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Why You Need Scheduling Apps 

The number one reason to use an app with a work schedule is that it saves you time and money. A reliable schedule app can make scheduling quicker and more straightforward, freeing up time you can devote to other tasks.

Create the schedule well in advance. For example, make the schedule easy to read and easy to access; make it easy for employees to indicate their availability, communicate and keep everyone updated; and always have a plan B.

You ‘re likely to see a boost in your bottom line when you concentrate on improving other areas of your business, such as marketing or customer service. That’s pretty difficult to argue with, right?

The Daily Task Scheduling Apps You Should Use While Working at Home


The Humanity app allows you to streamline business operations by optimizing employee scheduling. Also, the scheduling program helps you to significantly incorporate critical business data, so you can forecast and predict the scheduling requirements of your company.


WorkTime is a simple-to-use scheduling application that provides scheduling alerts to remind users when shifts occur. Users may use WorkTime’s Hours Calculator app to apply end times to shifts, limitless assignments, and the hours worked alongside salaries.

When I Work 

When I Work is a scheduling software for workers with a time clock that can be used by up to 75 people. You will know if an employee has seen their schedule using a shift notification feature. 

The software also helps eligible workers to collect available shifts to see whether there is a scheduling dispute with an employee. When I Work also helps you to delegate regular or weekly tasks to employees.


Shiftboard offers a simple solution to complicated scheduling problems. The software allows staff and supervisors to operate from one unified calendar, increasing the consistency of scheduling, monitoring over time, and helping reduce no-shows. 

Using the Automate Scheduling App for Shiftboard, you can coordinate shifts to match complex scheduling and overtime laws, auto-assign variations, and automate shift alerts.

Get Sling

Get Sling is an app for scheduling and collaboration that offers four key features – shift scheduling, team messaging, news stream, and task arrangement. With an easy-to-use GUI, you can schedule rotas faster and intelligently while managing costs and correcting absenteeism.


Shifty makes it extremely easy to schedule workers using an intuitive, user-friendly drag-and-drop GUI. You can control workers, delegate duties, and build shifts from one convenient location using the Shifty GUI.


Google Calendar is an extremely easy-to-use scheduling and calendar software that makes staying linked anywhere and at any time easy for businesses. You simply have to build a Gmail account to get started with the Calendar app. The Google Calendar software will also be used to arrange rotas and meetings and to share appointments with team members.

Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner is an app designed to help companies organize their schedules and daily tasks. The app allows you to create color-coded fields for staff and teams. You will assign the color-coded areas to a calendar to display when workers are scheduled to work.


With Snap Schedule, workers can view their work schedules remotely, from one secure online location to bid for open shifts and request time off, clock in and out, check their availability, swap shifts, and more. The app lets you schedule all types of changes and overtime for a limited number of staff.

The Best Daily Task Scheduling Apps for Those Who Work from Home
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By using work schedule apps, employees can use their phones to clock on and off more efficiently and ensure managers are scheduling tasks appropriately. For people working at home, scheduling apps can make all the difference between a productive day and a failed one.