Land of smiles? Thailand mulls five-year visa scheme


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Mulling 5-Year Visas for Foreigners –

A long discussion once again has hit the floor of ’s tourism officials, a discussion that some believe is nearing completion.

Visas for those wanting to stay extended periods of time within the country would make more competitive with neighboring countries like Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The only country to top that long of a stay would be Malaysia, who offers a 10-year visa to certain foreign individuals.

Officials at the ’s tourism council said on Tuesday that if they had a clear and marketable strategy, Thailand could attract long-time staying foreigners like Malaysia.

Those visas offered by Malaysia are not valid for employment but are put into place to attract retirees and students from different nations.

’s new Immigration push would also help loosen measures which would drop the 90-day check-ins and convert them to once a year systems.

Officials say the population of long-term foreign residents is expected to grow from five to ten per cent annually.