Thailand arrests more than 9,000 foreigners in major crackdown



Thailand Says They Have Arrested Over 9,000 Foreigners – A Week Long Roundup Continues with Those “Most Wanted” –

Thailand says at least 9,000 foreigners have entered the country illegally, many wanted by police or Interpol in other parts of the world.


A week long crackdown those listed as “most wanted,” has netted several individuals wanted by Interpol.

In an official police report, Thailand said that 9,265 foreigners had been arrested over the past few months. Out of those, 9,038 have been charged with violating the Immigration Act of 1979 and 18 were charged with violating the Criminal Code of Thailand. Another 209 have been charged in accordance with other local laws.

This week a major sweep of illegals and criminals hiding or working within the country were arrested.


23-year-old Kristina Monka, a Russian, was arrested on Wednesday after it was discovered that she was wanted by Interpol.

Also arrested along with Monka was 24-year-old Grigory Lyaskov, also a Russian wanted by Interpol on fraud charges.

Monka had been working as a bank manager in Russia when she allegedly transferred $112,000 from a client’s account into her secret account at the bank – she also transferred $26,500 into Grigory’s account.

Russian police issued an arrest warrant for the pair and cancelled both of their passports. Russia sought the help of Interpol in arresting the two, along with Immigration Bureau Police who discovered the couple hiding-out in Pattaya.

Cameroonians, 32-years-old Agborbelle Mkpot Etah and 28-year-old Chanceline Ngenwie, were wanted by police for fabricating documents.

The two are accused of fabricating documentation associated with an educational institute in Khon Kaen, the same city which the two were arrested in. They were arrested in the sweep on Saturday.

34-year-old South Korean, Minwoo Cho was arrested on Friday after South Korean police said he was wanted for illegal online gambling.

Minwoo Cho was found in a massage parlour in Chonburi’s ‘Bang Lamung’ district which he operated.

A 47-year-old Burmese man was arrested on Monday at Suvarnabhumi Airport after it was discovered he was using a fake Ranon immigration checkpoint stamp.

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