Test results of child with new coronavirus symptoms for release tomorrow


DOH said the laboratory tests result from a child with new coronavirus strain symptoms in Cebu will be released tomorrow afternoon.

In a “Radyo Inquirer” interview with Health Sec. Francisco Duque III, he said the samples from the five-year-old child was sent to Melbourne, Australia.


Duque said that the DOH would immediately initiate contact tracing once the child tested positive for the SARS-like virus spreading in China today.

The DOH’s surveillance unit officers will look for the first four passengers on the plane next to the child.

It includes those who are on his left and right sides, and his front and rear.


However, Duque said the boy’s mother told them that one of the passengers seated beside the child was in good condition and had no new coronavirus symptoms.

The child’s condition is improving now.

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Meanwhile, the government is prepared to respond if the World Health Organization (WHO) imposes travel restrictions on areas affected by the SARS-like virus.

According to Health Sec. Francisco Duque III, so far they waiting for the WHO recommendation regarding the contagious disease.

Duque said that once the WHO declares an outbreak, it will issue guidelines that the affected countries will follow.

Duque also said if the WHO releases an outbreak, it is possible that China itself will impose restrictions and ban the travel of its citizens, especially those from Wuhan City, where the new coronavirus strain believed to have originated.

Among the largest number of foreigners in the country are all Chinese nationals.