Ten Abu Sayyaf terrorists killed as Army closes net on group

abu Sayyaf terrorist Jolo Sulu Philippines Army
Military action against Abu Sayyaf has been stepped up following the beheading of Jurgen Kantner

A clash between the Army and Abu Sayyaf today (Friday, March 3) resulted in the death of 10 terrorists, including two grandsons of the group’s leader Radulan Sahiron.

On the government side, 17 soldiers were injured in the clash, the second since the terror group beheaded German hostage Jurgen Kantner on Sunday.

Army spokesman Colonel Benjamin Hao said troops from the 32nd Infantry Battalion encountered a group of more than 100 militants led by Sahiron in barangay Igasan of Patikul town, Sulu.

The believes Sahiron has linked up with sub-leaders Sawadjaan and Almuher Yadah as recent pressure from the military has limited their movements.

Since operations were stepped up after Mr Kantner’s beheading, 28 soldiers have been injured on the island.

Jurgen Kantner, who was beheaded on Sunday after the deadline for a ransom payment passed

On Wednesday, 11 soldiers were injured during a clash in Barangay Babag in Indanan town. Five terrorists were killed.

The current campaign is a bid to rescue some 33 hostages being held by the Islamic State-affiliated group.

Defence Secretary Delfin has vowed there will be no let up in operations against Abu Sayyaf.

“Make no mistake,” he said. “They will feel the wrath of the entire Filipino nation through the might of its armed forces.”


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