Teen fakes her own abduction to seek attention


A 13-year-old teen in confessed to the authorities that she had just fabricated her abduction that she posted on social media.

On Wednesday, alias “Sarah” spoke to the officers of the Quezon City Police District (QCPD), the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, and Barangay Old Balara. She then said several men had kidnaped her, as she said on social media.


“Hindi po totoo na na-kidnap ako,” said Sarah in an interview with ABS-CBN News.

(It’s not true that I was kidnapped.)

“Naisipan ko lang po ‘yon kung may mag-aalala sa’kin o wala,” she added.


(I was just wondering if anyone would be worried or not.)

Teen fakes her own abduction to seek attention

In a Facebook post, Sarah shared that she was abducted at Old Balara. She also sought help since she cannot escape the kidnappers.

Sarah’s friends shared the said post, which caught the barangay officials and police’s attention.

Due to fear for her daughter’s safety, Sarah’s mother reported the incident to QCPD Station 6 at 5 pm, Sunday.

The mother also showed the text message she received from the alleged kidnapper, who demanded ransom in exchange for the teen’s life.

The 13-year-old first told that the abductors released her because her parents had no money but later admitted that she only made everything up.

Sarah said she went to church and spent the night in a friend’s house.

The QCPD recommends that “Sarah” would undergo counseling at the Quezon City Protection Center for assistance. It will also determine if she needs to be taken to the Quezon City Social Services Development Department.

Authorities have again urged the public to be responsible for sharing sensitive things on social media.