Teen dies after ‘Tala’ dance accident

A 14-year-old young man died after he hit his head when he lost his balance while dancing “Tala” in front of their house at Binmaley, Panga­sinan.

The victim, identified as Junrie Ramos, has been declared -on- at the hospital.

The victim’s older brother, Jessel, told Binmaley Police that his brother was practicing his “Tala” dance when the accident occurred. He said Junrie suddenly slipped and unfortunately hit his head in the cement.

Jessel said the music from the speaker suddenly stopped, and when he turned around, he saw his brother lying on his stomach. They immediately carried the victim to the hospital. He said Junrie was still able to talk and told them he was feeling dizzy before he suddenly closed his eyes.

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Teen dies after ‘Tala’ dance accident

He was still able to be taken to the hospital but was dead-on- due to internal bleeding.

“Tala” (English: Star) is a song by Filipino singer and actress Sarah Geronimo. As of November 2019, its music has garnered over 15 million views. The video reached the 25 million mark on the first day of 2020.

On January 18, more than 600 people in pink dress participated at a charity “Tala” dance flash mob to raise funds for the victims of the in Luneta. The event was named “Tala Para Sa Taal.”