Teacher with COVID-19 infects 26 people in California

A teacher in Marin County, California, apparently spread COVID-19 when he transmitted the virus to 26 people, including 12 of his young students, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of America.

In the Agence France-Presse report, the CDC said the teacher was not vaccinated and was also not wearing a face mask despite the order that it must be used when inside the room.

The CDC investigation revealed that the teacher attended a meeting on May 13-16 and felt symptoms on May 19. But it was still two days before she took the COVID-19 test, thinking her symptoms were due to allergies.

“On occasion during this time, the teacher read aloud unmasked to the class despite school requirements to mask while indoors,” according to the investigation conducted into the incident.

The next day, the teacher gave the COVID-19 test to 24 students who had not been vaccinated because they were only 12 years old. Of that number, 12 tested positive for the virus.

Eight out of 10 students sat in the first two rows of the classroom, while four out of 14 sat in the last row of the classroom.

Six other students in other classes also tested positive.

Teacher with COVID-19 infects 26 people in California

Some students, in turn, infected their relatives.

The school mandates face masks on students, the table must be six feet apart, the window open, and there is a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter in the front.

In the genetic sequencing performed, it appears that those who tested positive in a outbreak are together, and it is believed to be a variant.

Of those who tested positive, 22 experienced symptoms of the disease such as fever, cough, headache, and itchy throat.

None of them were hospitalized.

“The outbreak’s attack rate highlights the variant’s increased transmissibility and potential for rapid spread, especially in unvaccinated populations such as schoolchildren too young for vaccination,” the CDC report said.

In addition to those who work in schools need to be vaccinated, they also need certain strategies such as wearing a face mask, distancing, ventilation, and staying when symptoms are felt.

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