How to Teach Your Kids Sustainability During a Pandemic


Billions of people across the globe have had their daily routine altered because of the pandemic.

Most kids aren’t going to school right now, and many parents are having to homeschool their children. While regular classes may be held online, your child is probably not going to come across the topic of sustainability.


This concept is something that you should discuss with your kids, as future generations will determine what happens with Planet Earth.

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What Is Sustainability and Why Should Kids Learn It?

The idea of sustainability is to maintain steady technological progress that is highlighted by innovations that make our daily life easier, without affecting the environment for future generations. 

The main focus of sustainability is to ensure that the natural environment, as well as the health of humans and other species, is not gravely affected in the process.


We are all aware of climate change as one of the most debated topics around the world. In the times that we are living in, children have the opportunity to be more informed about this issue than ever. 

Many are concerned about whether they will be able to experience a healthy natural environment or not.

This is the main reason why you should focus on teaching your kids about sustainability and how important it is to stay eco-friendly no matter what they do. 

While this pandemic may not be ideal for taking them for a walk and giving practical examples, there are a number of at-home activities you can use to educate and entertain them.

The Power Of Online Teach-Ins

The year 1970 was quite revolutionary when it came to awareness about climate change and paying respects to Earth Day. 

From then to now, there have been hundreds of educational courses and online teach-ins focusing on how important it is to act friendly towards our environment.

The best method of entertaining and educating your child in this matter is to instruct them to check out the Earth Day Network guide

Not only is it a place where they can enjoy others’ live streaming and discussions, but they can also have their own show (during a walk in the park, for example).

It is a stimulating activity that they can use to socialize, as well as learn more about different species and ways to maintain their current habitat.

The Earth Challenge App

Another great application for educating your child on sustainability is the Earth Challenge. It stimulates its users to monitor the air quality, as well as gather tips on how the environment around them could be improved. 

This app is one of the best examples of how, with joined actions of people across the world, change can actually happen

How To Teach Your Kids Sustainability

Apart from the aforementioned app and the Earth Day live streams and teach-ins, we also find it quite efficient to stimulate your children into cooking and enjoying a plant-based meal

We are all aware that the meat industry is one of the biggest dangers to our environment, which is why it can be a great way to increase their awareness of the issue.

Additionally, have a joined diary on how many plastic bottles, wraps, and other plastic byproducts are used in your home. Make it a family goal to cut down plastic pollution and focus on sustainable packaging and utensils. 

Lastly, you can also log on to different zoo websites and enjoy a show together while learning about what one can do to protect endangered species

Once the show is over, you can do further research on what pollinators are present in your area and stimulate them to come to your garden by planting the appropriate flowers and plants.

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Sustainability is a topic that affects all of us. For this reason, we need to educate our children on the matter at an early age, because we will be leaving the task of protecting the natural environment and endangered species to no one else but them!