Taxi hits concrete barriers on EDSA-Ayala underpass

A taxi crashed into concrete barriers that startled the in the EDSA-Ayala underpass. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said the was at fault.

Mariz Umali reported on GMA News “24 Oras” on Tuesday that a dashcam was shown of a motorist walking along the said underpass in the early hours of July 11.

Soon, a taxi appeared on his left side and signaled to overtake, which the motorist gave in.

But before the taxi could return to the right lane, he crashed into concrete barriers in the middle of the road.

The motorist with the dashcam, Leorido Ariguin Jr., braked immediately.

The taxi driver, identified as Alberto Cadelena, also survived, sustaining only minor shoulder injuries.

“Ang suwerte na lang din po at hindi ganoon kabilis ang takbo ko,” said Ariguin Jr.

MMDA EDSA Traffic Manager Colonel Bong Nebrija pointed out Cadelena’s driving mistakes, although it appears in the investigation that he was not drunk or asleep while driving.

“Unang-una, solid white line. You’re not supposed to overtake or change lane, no? Pangalawa, duda ko naka-dim ‘yung ilaw niya,” said Nebrija.

Taxi hits concrete barriers on EDSA-Ayala underpass

Nebrija also defended from comments concrete barriers on the road such as an underpass without early warning devices or markings.

“Meron po dating ano ‘yan hazards lights together with the early warning devices. However, meron na noon dati, binunggo pa ‘yun. Ilang beses nabunggo, ilang beses na kami na siraan ng hazards lights,” he explained.

“Alam niyo naman ‘yung procurement ng gobyerno, it will take time,” he added.

Since installing concrete barriers at EDSA in June 2020, the MMDA has recorded nearly 100 accidents colliding with stone barriers every month.

But it is said that it gradually decreased as people got used to it. In fact, last month, only 28 accidents were recorded, and from July 1 to July 12, there were only eight.

“Our safety is our personal responsibility. Meron po talaga tayong mga barriers and other objects on the road that we need to avoid. Ngayon, we need to check ourselves if we are fit to drive, and we cannot blame inanimate objects for accidents like this,” said Nebrija.

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