Evacuated Taal residents want to return home for their livelihoods

Some residents near Volcano who were forcibly evacuated due to recent volcanic activity hoped to return to their homes to check their livelihood located within the permanent danger zone.

Chino Gaston reported on “24 Oras” on Wednesday that a resident Donato Orso said he is worried about their lack of shelter.

“Sa ngayon, wala pa po kaming alam kung saan kami dadalhin, kung saan po kami itatapon, kung saang lugar kami ilalagay, kung saan kami isisiksik,” Orso said.

“Hindi ho kami papabalikin sa lupang aming pinanggalingan, kung saan kami naninirahan,” he added.

Meanwhile, another resident Belen Cacao said their fish cages were located a few meters away from Volcano Island’s shores.

On Tuesday, authorities forcibly evacuated some residents in Batangas province as a precaution against the ongoing Taal Volcano activity.

DOST-Phivolcs now recommends a “strict ban” on entering Volcano Island, the permanent danger zone (PDZ) of the volcano, and especially those areas of the Main Crater and Daang Kastila Fissure.

Evacuated residents want to return home for their livelihoods

The latest PHIVOLCS bulletin on Thursday said more tremor activities at the volcano were recorded in the past 24 hours.

The Volcano Network recorded 91 tremor episodes having durations of one to five minutes. It has increased compared to the 69 tremors recorded yesterday.

Weak emission of white steam-laden plumes that rose five meters high from fumaroles was observed in the main crater. PHIVOLCS said this is lower compared to the 20-meter high white steam-laden plumes on Wednesday.

“Overall, very slow and steady inflation of the region has been recorded by continuous GPS data after the eruption,” PHIVOLCS said.

Alert Level 1  is maintained over Taal Volcano, which means sudden steam-driven or phreatic explosions, volcanic earthquakes, minor ashfall, and lethal accumulations or expulsions of volcanic gas may occur.

These hazards threaten areas within the island, PHIVOLCS warned.

It will be recalled that Taal erupted violently in January 2020 after it reached “Alert Level 4,” causing an evacuation of thousands of Batangas and neighboring provinces.

Alert Level 4 refers to a “hazardous explosive eruption” that is possible within a few hours or days.