SWS: 57% of adult Filipinos say life got worse in past 12 months

The national Social Weather Survey of 12-16, 2021, found 57% of adult saying their quality-of-life got worse (termed by SWS as “Losers”), 13% saying it got better (“Gainers”), and 29% saying it was the same (“Unchanged”), compared to a year ago.

The resulting Net Gainers score is -44 (% Gainers minus % Losers), classified by SWS as extremely low (-49 to -40).

The 2021 Net Gainer score is 13 points down from the very low -31 in June 2021, arresting the recovery from the catastrophic -76 in 2020 to extremely low -48 in November 2020 and very low -38 in May 2021.

The survey question on the respondents’ assessment of their change in quality-of-life in the past 12 months has been fielded 142 times since April 1983.

Net Gainers worsens in all areas: catastrophic in Metro Manila, extremely low elsewhere

Compared to June 2021, Net Gainers worsened by two grades from very low to catastrophic in Metro Manila, down by 21 points from -30 to -51.

It worsened from very low to extremely low in Mindanao, down by 16 points from -31 to -47.

It also worsened from very low to extremely low in Balance Luzon, down by 14 points from -27 to -41.

It worsened but stayed extremely low in the Visayas, down by 6 points from -40 to -46.

Net Gainers worsens for all education groups except college graduates

Compared to June 2021, Net Gainers worsened from very low to extremely low among non-elementary graduates, down by 9 points from -37 to -46.

SWS: 57% of adult say life got worse in past 12 months

It worsened from extremely low to catastrophic among elementary graduates, down by 19 points from -42 to -31.

It worsened from very low to extremely low among junior high school graduates, down by 16 points from -30 to -46.

However, it eased from very low to low among college graduates, up by 4 points from -30 to -26.

The SWS survey question on past trends in personal quality-of-life is directed towards the probability respondent. This item is non-commissioned and is included on SWS’s initiative and released as a public service.

The exact survey question is as follows:

Kung ikukumpara ang uri ng inyong kasalukuyang pamumuhay sa nakaraang 12 buwan, masasabi ba ninyo na ang uri ng inyong pamumuhay ay MAS MABUTI KAYSA NOON, KAPAREHO NG DATI, o MAS MASAMA KAYSA NOON? [Comparing your quality of life these days to how it was 12 months ago, would you say that your quality of life is BETTER NOW THAN BEFORE, SAME AS BEFORE, or WORSE NOW THAN BEFORE?]

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