Swiss national, 2 Pinoys arrested in Parañaque drug bust


Authorities confiscated up to P340,000 worth of suspected ecstasy from a national man and 2 Filipinos in a buy-bust operation in Parañaque City on Thursday, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency said.

Authorities identified the foreign suspect as “Thomas” while his colleagues were alias “Carlo” and “Raymond.”


According to PDEA officer Jill Salamanca, the agency has been monitoring the behavior of the Swiss national’s group for more than two months until they agreed to transact in Barangay BF Homes this Thursday morning.

According to Salamanca, based on their investigation, “Thomas” is a supplier of party drugs in areas in Makati, Parañaque, Pasay, and Taguig.

The Swiss national is supplying illegal drugs even to students from famous universities.


The suspects were found in possession of 200 pieces of ecstasy, two cellphones, and two vehicles, authorities said.

The suspects will face charges of violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

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Duterte not hiding any illness

Malacañang assured that President Rodrigo Duterte has no severe hidden illness and that if there is, they will inform the public.

According to Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque, he and the President are both lawyers, and they know the provision in the Constitution that they need to inform the public if they have a severe illness by issuing a medical bulletin.

Roque added that despite Duterte’s age, he is in good condition and said that the President is “sorry” to those who want him to get sick because God has blessed him with good health.

Roque also clarified that the President’s advice from his doctor to stop drinking so that his Barrett’s esophagus does not become cancer happened when he was not yet a President.

He also said that the President has stopped drinking for a long time so that his illness would not progress to cancer.

Roque also pointed out that if the President had cancer even at stage 1, it would require treatment, and the effect on his appearance could be seen.

Roque also added that the public would be informed of the President’s medical condition in case he becomes seriously ill.