Swiss give PhilPost 91 million pesos to buy 83 GPS-equipped mail vans

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PhilPost Receives 91 Million Pesos From Swiss Union To Buy 83 GPS-Equipped Mail Trucks –

The Universal Postal Union is handing-over 91 million pesos to PhilPost which is planning to buy 83 new mail vans.

PhilPost said that UPU approved the money to refresh its fleet of aging vans. UPU is based in Switzerland and chose Phil Post as one of its recipients of its Quality Service Fund Project.

 “These new vehicles will be equipped with GPS tracking system for security and easy monitoring of time sensitive mail matters,” Postmaster General Josefina dela Cruz said.

“We are confident that the recent UPU-QSF financial assistance granted to PHLPost to acquire new vehicles for mail delivery will boost our capabilities to better serve the mailing public and attract more institutional mailers to patronize the services of PHLPost,” she added.

Dela Cruz also said that by purchasing new vans and trucks the mail system will be able to deliver mail faster throughout the cities and provinces of the Philippines.

The new vans will be equipped with GPS tracking systems to better find directions and ensure delivery through various road conditions.


Phil Post has over 7,000 full-time employees and 840 vehicles nationwide.