Swedish woman and cop boyfriend arrested for not paying 100k peso hotel bill

Swedish National and Cop Arrested For Non-Payment of 100k Peso Hotel Bill – www.philippineslifestlye.com

44-year-old Theresa Wat-chanee de Jager, a Swedish National who is claiming to be a diplomat from China and her 44-year-old boyfriend Giles Macoy Imperial, a member of the -Explosive Ordanance Division and resident of Tondo, Manila, have been arrested for non-payment of their posh hotel bill in Ermita, Manila. 

On January 21 the two checked in at the Manila Hotel and departed on January 26, leaving without paying their 99,342.60 peso bill. A formal complaint was filed by the office manager and filing has been brought against the couple, even after they spent trying to negotiate their way out of the billing.