Swedish group to produce eco-friendly ‘plastic’ products in Iloilo

Swedish Group to Produce Earth-Friendly Products in Iloilo – photo by Tara Yap – www.philippineslifestyle.com

Aktec Development Ltd. – a Swedish group who manufactures biodegradable earth-friendly plastic products  wants to set-up shop in Iloilo City.

“We’re seriously looking into manufacturing [them] here,” Aktec Development Ltd Philippines representative Fredrik Blomqvist said.


Aktec has been scouting for possible local partners to specialize in producing 100-percent biodegradable products made from local renewable sources.

“We’re here offering a technology that will eventually cut back on environmental hazards caused by plastics,” Blomqvist said.

Aktec encourages Filipinos to refrain from using plastic bags, cups, utensils, and other materials, and use environment-friendly ones instead.


“Biodegradable materials can replace 80 percent of products made from fossil fuel.  Using [them] is more humane and durable,” Blomqvist said.

He added that biodegradable plastics can be used as fertilizer for farming, as well as be turned into biogas, which jeepneys can use as fuel.

Cost factors are the biggest hurdle for the company – but even a bigger challenge is an implementation of Republic Act #9003 – The Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.

Under Article 1, Section 2 (Declaration of Policies), paragraph (b) of the law, environmentally-sound methods that maximize the utilization of valuable resources and encourage conservation and recovery must be adopted.

Blomqvist has already talked to representatives of Department of Environment and Natural Resources office in Region 6, Iloilo City Environment Office, Iloilo Provincial Environment Office, and other local officials for the proposed local manufacturing of biodegradable products.