Swedish street drinker sparks outrage by kicking dog in Dumaguete

A Swedish man takes a drink while being questioned about kicking a dog during a daytime drinking city in Dumaguete. Picture from the Head Up Dumaguete Facebook page

A Swedish man has tested Dumaguete’s reputation as ‘The City of Gentle People” by kicking a dog during a morning drinking binge.

Hundreds of people have reacted with fury after pictures of the encounter in a city park were shared on the Headz Up Dumaguete Facebook page on Tuesday (January 2).


The post said:

Dumaguete still the city of gentle people!

Situation: Two locals casually walked their five-month-old pet dog at the Rizal Boulevard around 10am of January 2.

Suddenly, a foreigner who was drinking (visibly drunk) along the boulevard — no drinking of liquors as per city ordinance — stood up and kicked hard the young dog.

The two guys just held their temper and seek the assistance of the Tourist Police Unit in the area instead.

“ We can easily take him down but it’s a new year and we want to start it right not with a fight,” one of the guys said.

The foreigner said, “I’m just pissed!”, when asked why he kicked the dog.

Thank you for your patience, Dumaguetenos, you still got the “gentleness”.

Welcome to the year of the Dog 2018! 

The man has not been fully identified, but several people commenting on the post recognised him as a Swedish expat called Nick.

Netizens react

Typical of the comments was this from Facebook user Ruel Tayko Mirambel, who wrote: “What happened after? If the foreigner is pissed, why would he vent it out on another person’s dog? He could slam his head on a concrete wall. We should teach a lesson to this type of foreigner!”


Members of the local expat community were also vocal in their condemnation of the Swede. Kevin Bennett wrote: “Foreigners like this give a bad name to the majority of foreigners that love Dumaguete and the Filipino people. I hope they deport his fat ass!!!”

Others questioned how he was allowed to continue drinking in front of the police. Rach EL wrote: “Based on the caption and the photos, its a perfect example of how lame our law enforcement is. A violation of a law right in front of them and did nothing about it?”

However, there were some ‘gentle people’ who came to the Swede’s defence. Among them was Claritta Levita, who wrote: “I know him, he is Nick. He was my friend before, he was not like that before, he was a good man and friend. I think he has a problem or maybe he is depressed. I feel sad seeing him like that now”

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