Footage of Australian’s road rage rant in Subic goes viral

Stills from the YouTube footage of the Mr Fenwick rowing with Rodalyn Guinto following a road rage incident in Subic. (Watch below)

Footage of an Australian businessman launching a foul-mouthed rant at a woman following road rage dispute in Subic has gone viral.

Factory boss Nick Fenwick repeatedly called the woman a “stupid whore” and told her to “speak f***ing English” during the furious tirade outside his workplace this week.

The woman had reportedly followed him there after she claimed Mr Fenwick had pulled out of a queue of traffic and cut her off.

She claims he then wound down his window and swore at her and other drivers on Tuesday (May 15).

In the video, the businessman repeatedly shouts “f*** off” at the woman and threatens her male companion, saying “you touch me one more time I’ll knock your f***ing head off”.

He also yells at the woman “ the police and get the f*** out of here” and “f***ing touch me again and I’ll f***ing…” before a man steps in and briefly grapples with the Australian.

Eventually, the woman and her companion return to their car and leave the Glarfab factory in Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Subic police involved

The woman, now identified as Rodalyn Guinto, is now demanding that police Mr Fenwick for assault.

She said: “He was unbelievably rude and aggressive. He’s even using his Filipino employees to shield him when we were at the police station. He aggravated a lot of people, so we are not afraid.

“We will file a case against him. My lawyer is preparing our case. I have a lot of videos to prove that he is wrong, plus witnesses. The way that he behaved was appalling.”

A spokesman for the Glarfab factory told Daily Mail Australia that Nick was “feeling much better” and had “settled down” after the argument.

They added: “For now our company lawyer does not want us to talk about the issue. Mr Fenwick will hold a press conference about this next week.”

UPDATE: Footage of the encounter has since been removed from YouTube

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