Stunning 1930s mansion In Sariaya, Quezon City saved from demolition

Stunning 1930s Mansion In Sariaya, Quezon City Saved From Demolition –

The Quezon Province Heritage Council Inc. has clarified to the public that the stunning 1930s Don Natalio Enriquez Mansion in Sariaya will not be demolished because of a recent road-widening project by the Department of Public Works and Highways.

Information circulating on Social Media gave incorrect information, saying that the mansion would be torn down due to the advancing road project.


“What will be demolished is the heritage fence, which is an integral part of the design of Andres Luna de San Pedro, which is equally unacceptable,” he said, adding that his group would fight the demolition of the fence.

Built in 1931 and designed by De San Pedro, the Enriquez Mansion was declared a heritage house by then National Historical Institute in 2008 together with two other Sariaya homes.

The road project is said to also be effecting one of the most historic churches in the region, the Sariaya Church patio – a 267-year-old structure.


“Slicing, demolishing or diminishing some portions from these two important cultural properties would be tantamount to destroying or demolishing the structural and heritage value of these properties,” said the president of QPHC.

in 2014 the century-old fence of the Sariaya Public Cemetery was demolished and on February 19 this year a 63-year-old postwar fence surrounding a local elementary school was taken out by the DPWH.