Study says 12-year-old children go to lodging houses for sex in Iloilo City


Study Reveals Students as Young as 12 Frequent Lodging Houses for Sex in Iloilo City –

Several weeks ago a report issued by Iloilo City representatives touched on the findings of a study that has now been completed by Professor Maria Rosair Victorio de Guzman during a City Council hearing on the problems involving ‘sex for pay’ by students.

In the report, “Survival Sex in Iloilo City”, De Guzman said that underaged prostitution was especially rampant during midterm and finals season. The meeting involved numerous city council members as well as the City Social Welfare and Development department heads.


The alarming part involving the report includes students as young as 12 years old are also frequenting short-time hotels for paid sex.

De Guzman issued the report which also included feedback from taxi cab drivers from Iloilo City. The report contained information as to the location students were picked up and where they were dropped off.

Results of the study showed that 63 taxi drivers brought students to Katrina Lodge, 45 to Anita, 44 to ‘The Q,’ 43 to Sofia Lodge, 39 to Green Dragon Lodge, 31 to Queens Court and 8 to Moonlight Lodge.


The City of Iloilo is attempting to draft an ordinance regulating the operation of lodging houses, motels and short-time hotels throughout the city limits – A part of the study which De Guzman submitted to the city last week said that taxi cab drivers admitted over 65% of those who frequent lodging houses are in fact local students.

As we have previously reported, some students were seen wearing school uniforms to lodging houses ,but De Guzman’s findings say the opposite, that the students were in fact wearing everyday clothing. The information in the report also recognized that students involved in ‘sex for pay’ schemes varied in age from 12 to 24.

De Guzman recommended that an ordinance to regulate the daily operation of lodging houses and hotels be enacted. He also recommended adding guidelines on pornographic materials including R-18 films, books and related material.

The report also handed down recommendations, including family style campaigns like “I am Strong, I am Responsible,” as well as “True Love Waits.”  The campaigns are to include a number of other family oriented programmes which could help thwart prostitution issues plaguing the city.

De Guzman added to the study by advising the city to implement rules on limiting or abolishing ‘public displays of affection’ in places such as parks, malls, plazas and public transportation.